NFT Project “SUKIGAKU” released new load map

The NFT idol project, “Private Sukigaoka Girls’ High School – Hand-maid Idol Office (a.k.a. SUKIGAKU),” which forms and trains idol groups through auditions by NFT holders, has updated its new grand vision and roadmap.

The main points of the future roadmap are as follows

  • Sales of SUKIGAKU 2nd NFT series (June~July 2023)
  • Production of theme song CD and subscriptions
  • Holding of real events
  • Production of 3-minute pyrotot animations

Other projects such as “global development of manga (webtoon),” “AI Tuber,” and “games” are also underway.

The roadmap also announced the second round of voice actor auditions. As with the first audition, the selection of three voice actors has been made public, but details will be announced at a later date.

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