NFT idole project group “SUKIGAKU” has just announced 2nd NFT

NFT holders will form an idol group by audition,
The outline of the 2nd NFT of SUKIGAKU, the world’s first IP creation project by NFT, aiming at multimedia development such as animation, games, VSinger (VTuber), etc., was announced.

2nd NFT is a “We want to produce SUKIGAKU CDs & events! NFT use crowdfunding project! (a.k.a. SUKIGAKU 2nd NFT), and aims to achieve three production goals depending on the number of NFT sales.

Goal 1 is to produce a CD of Sukigaku theme songs and distribute subs, Goal 2 is to produce character songs, and Goal 3 is to hold a talk and mini-live event.

In conjunction with this, a sample illustration of Sukigaku 2nd NFT was also released (the image in this news is a sample illustration of the 2nd NFT).

More details will be announced in the future.